Equine Enhanced Performance Therapy

what is Equine Enhanced Performance Therapy? 

This is a Therapy designed by Hazel for your horse and the team around your horse.

Each session is bespoke to the needs of you and your horse using different techniques to enhance the overall well being of the whole team. Touch therapy with guided bodywork and mindfulness techniques bringing the whole team into harmony. when we are all in balance together

we all want to be at our very best and this is a way of supporting you to reach that goal for you and your equine friend. these sessions will also enhance all aspects of your life. 

How can it help me and my horse?

improving the health and wellbeing of you and your horse, increasing your perfomance. strengthening the bond with the whole team

the Aim is to bring everyone back into balance and focused on the same goal when working together. This mindset will affect your horse in a positive way as you may of already noticed when you are calm so is your horse.