Equine Reiki Treatment

Equine Reiki restores positive energy flow into the animal's body, correcting any imbalances. This type of energy healing can help with different issues such as loss of appetite, physical injuries, reducing stress, relieving anxiety, Colic and nervousness. Reiki can improve your relationship with your horse and improve the owners riding experience. 


Horses are particularly sensitive and quickly pick up on the healing a practitioner offers, through hands-on or even hands-off healing, helping to calm and relax your horse. 


Treatment times can vary depending on the horse, this can be from 10 minutes to over 1 hour 30 minutes. Horses will show you when they have had enough. Sometimes they like 5 minutes at a time, with a short break in between, others will just stand and wait until you finish. Treatments are bespoke to you and your horse's needs,  it may be beneficial for you to receive a treatment as well. 

Alternatively, you can even take an equine Reiki course, so you can incorporate daily healing to your horse as part of your grooming time, helping you to become one with your horse.

Equine therapy and Reiki Courses
Nikki Lewis

"Hazel travelled to Somerset to see my horse Bonnie who had been lame for some time, she is always very restless , impatient and unsettled. She does not like to wait around. We have always had an awesome bond but Hazel made us both feel more relaxed than we have ever been. I could not believe my eyes, when I was watching Bonnie have her treatment, she was so calm, licking and chewing, even her eyes relaxed, I have never seen her so calm.  I received a treatment from Hazel after Bonnie, it was amazing, I feel this really helped us both so much and cant wait for us to have another one "

These videos show the before and during treatment to show the spectacular difference in Bonnie's emotional behaviour. As you can see during treatment the horse remains calm and relaxed, a vast improvement from the beginning where her energy is anxious and unsettled. 

If you would like to get in touch regarding a treatment for your horse, please contact me directly for more information.