Healing Circle & Gatherings

Throughout the year I host a number of healing circles. a place to gather and work on the deeper layers of your being, guided by me in a safe & held space.


Shamanic Cacao Sound Bath Journey

(coming soon)

Guiding you with a Cacao Ceremony setting our intentions of what we want to bring into our life and are ready to let go of, journeying into some embodied movement before coming to rest on the earth for a sound bath to clear any and all trauma within the body across all time lines, all dimensions and down the ancestral line. 

Heart Womb connection Journey offers you.

Tea Ceremony
embodied movement 
heart womb connection practice
intuitive energy healing
Womb Blessing
deep rest
intuitive sound


Embodied movement to help release and weave out old stories held in your body, making space for new stories to be weaved in and birthed into creation. 


Womb blessing clears all traumas of the womb and down the ancestral line, this is a very transformative energy medicine passed from women to women. once you have received the Rite of the Womb you are able to pass this on to others.

Heart Womb Connection Journey. 

3 hour group session



Healing Therapy

Shamanic Cacao Sound Bath Journey

1 hour 30 min session