"I've seen Hazel at work with some of the most deeply traumatised horses and ponies imaginable. What Hazel does is nothing short of magic. Abused, traumatised animals were just transformed by her Reiki treatment in front of my eyes. If I hadn't seen it I would never have believed such profound change would be possible"

— Janey Goddard, 

President of the Complimentary Medical Association 

“Hazel has been treating my 10 rescue dogs and 2 cats for some months now.  It is remarkable how much they enjoy the sessions with her and the difference it has made to their well-being and how they interact with each other.  I also have healing from Hazel which I feel benefits the bond between myself and my animals and gives me a greater understanding of their needs. I would wholeheartedly recommend Hazel to anyone considering Reiki treatment for their animals.  She has a great empathy with those she cares for and that is a very special gift.   ”

— Eleanor Maybury

"I am a 91 year old lady who is partially sighted and disabled. For the past 8 years I have suffered with severe pain in the left side of my face.  Some days I have only been able to take sips of water from a teaspoon.  Having tried everything to no avail, I happened to meet Hazel.  After a course of healing I am now leading a normal life, I can eat; drink; talk; and go out without being in pain. Try healing with Hazel I know it works!"

— Joyce English

"Hazel has healing hands. She is extremely gifted with equine reiki and uses her calm and sensitive healing approach to help horses into a happier and healthier state of well being. I highly recommend her"

--- Natasha Albeer

"Hazel came out to seven acre horse sanctuary where I am the yard manager and treated four of our residents in. All four were relaxed and calm under her hands. They were so chilled out. Can't thank you enough"

—Tabitha Jones, 

Seven Acre Horse Sanctuary 

"Hazel gave my cat Pinot who was suffering from kidney problems, a Reiki session. Pinot responded well and clearly loved the Reiki, she purred and seemed very content, pushing against Hazel's hands almost as if she was directing the energy flow where it was needed. Would recommend Hazel for animals as well as us!"

— Colleen Guy

— G. A

''I have worked and studied within the 'Healing Arts' for over 25 years. Recently, I approached Hazel Cake to ask her to create a bespoke Animal Reiki Healing Course for me. She was able to give me 1-1 tuition and adapt her course exactly to my needs. Hazel has a dedication to the support of all animals that is second to none, her ability to tune into them and support these beautiful sentient beings, is evident to see. Her knowledge and experience around all animals gives a firm foundation in which the healing work can build. She has created a course which allows the trainee to develop their skills, deepen their innate healing ability and equip them to trouble shoot issues that may well arise in an animal healer's day to day practice. To be able to work with many different kinds of animals during the practical sessions was a real gift and vitally important as a student. I really appreciated this immensely. Her support goes well beyond the course.... she is there as a back-up, guide and mentor. This is her dedication and her life, I am privileged to have trained with her and know that her work goes from strength to strength. I whole heartedly recommend training with Hazel Cake and her Animal Reiki Healing Course.''

"Hazel just taught me, my Reiki Level 1. She is an amazing tutor, guiding you through with her knowledge, empathy and clear love for what she does. Hazel is a true humanitarian and I so enjoyed my course. I can recommend her whole heartedly!"

—Tracy Hunt 

"My pony, Mischief and I met Hazel today after I won a voucher for some healing at my vets fun raising evening which Hazel has donated. I was amazed how well Hazel got on with Mischief and the things he was telling her. Some I knew but I had questions which Hazel managed to answer for me that Mischief was telling her. I feel we both got so much out of it. Mischief was very chilled after and happy. I hope we can have Hazel visit again."

— Mandy Wallis

Hazel has worked with many humans and animals to heal their energy. Please explore the website and get in contact for further information regarding courses, treatments or personal healing experiences.