All treatments are infused with Intuitive Healing. Treatments include Reiki, Thai Foot Massage, Massage and Reflexology. Usual minimum time is 1 hour per session, depending on treatment. Initial treatment is 1.5 hours as this will include a consultation.

Reiki Treatment
Therapy Room, Massage,Reflexology and Thai Foot Massage


A Japanese technique for relaxation and healing. Reiki treats the whole person including body, mind, emotions and spirit. Beneficial effects include relaxation and reduction of stress, anxiety, depression and pain.


Thai Foot Massage

A holistic healing technique providing relaxation and healthy circulation. This massage of the feet and lower legs is invigorating and helps to relieve stress, pain, high blood pressure and sleep disorder.



Exceptionally beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the tissues, decreasing muscle toxins, and improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension in the body. 



A complementary therapy applying appropriate pressure to the reflex areas of the feet or hands which correspond to various organs. This can boost your circulation, relieve pain, stress, anxiety, migraine, poor digestion and bladder problems.


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Equine Reiki

A popular healing tool that can benefit horses physically, emotionally and mentally. It restores positive energy flow in the animal’s body. It soothes stress and trauma, calms stressed or anxious horses, helps to clear infection and inflammation and speeds up healing.

Animal Reiki

Healing can be used alongside veterinary treatment as it can help to speed up the healing process, destress a sick animal and ease any pain the animal is suffering.


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Reiki Treatment
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All the Complementary treatments I practice are not a substitute for medical treatment I do not diagnose and you are always advised to seek medical advise from a doctor if feeling unwell.